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M50 Bugs

Not sure if some of these have been addressed in the latest firmware update:


1) lap time and TSS continue while unit is paused 

2) if HR strap gets out of range from head unit, it does not reconnect when back in range during a ride (think coffee shop stop!)

3) longer workout files seem to have bugs - for instance 3x10’ of 15 on 15 off intervals setup in a fit file will work fine for first two sets, but last set the power targets will freeze, graph will advance to the end of the block, but timer will continue as set in fit file. 


Aside from these few minor issues, I definitely dig the Dash! That new lap history chart is going to be key!

  • Patrick Brock
  • Aug 28 2019
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  • Patrick Brock commented
    28 Aug 22:51

    Oh also


    4) workout timer beep / sound at 5 and zero seconds is not consistent. Sometimes it counts down and other times it doesn’t. The first interval it always does. After that maybe / maybe not.