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Make the notification popup bigger

The notification popup is currently small and doesn't display much information.  It could easily be made quite a bit wider and a little taller and display more info.  Now you basically only know that you have a notification and have to pull out your phone every time to see what it was.  A bigger box would reduce that.

  • David Walker
  • Aug 3 2019
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  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    17 Aug 19:11

    We're actually not getting much text from the iOS notification service right now, so as much text as you see as all we are getting from the iOS system process for push notifications. I asked our app developer about this and for now we dont know how to get more data from the iOS service.

    Am i understanding your issue correctly? Its not necessarily "make the notification bigger" as we do not actually chop off the notifications (our overlay supports i think up to 6 lines of text), and instead "get more of the notification data from iOS"?

  • David Walker commented
    17 Aug 20:29

    I don't know about the iOS interface, but both my Edge 1030 and Wahoo Bolt display a lot more of the text in a text message or email.  The 1030 will display about 1/2 the screen worth of info while the Bolt will fill an entire screen.  So, there must be some way of getting the info.  It is nice because you can see entire short message without getting out your phone.  Right now all you really know is that you got a message.

  • David Walker (External) commented
    18 Aug 21:32

     I noticed today that the pretty much all popup windows are the same width- about 25-30% narrower than the actual screen.  So, the window could be made quite a bit wider.