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See battery level when charging, but powered off

If I plug my M50 to power to charge it, nothing shows me what % the battery is at unless I power it on. I'd like to see a % while powered off, if it's being charged.

  • Richard Jodoin
  • Jul 25 2019
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  • Richard Jodoin commented
    10 Apr 05:24pm

    This is definitely not what I had in mind. Any Garmin Edge device will show a battery icon on screen along with the % of charge level. This way makes it easy to determine if the device is charged or not.

    Having to push the power button, only to see the battery, yet no %, is not what I would like to see. There must be a better way of configuring this.

  • Saulius Speičys commented
    17 Mar 09:56pm

    Implemented in FW 2.2.0:

    while connected to power source (charging), push POWER ON (side) button, BATTERY indicator is shown on screen temporarily. Device does not boot.

  • Richard Jodoin commented
    27 Jul, 2019 01:50am

    Hi James. Can I be a beta tester? Please! 

  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    27 Jul, 2019 12:29am

    You bet Richard, we are working on this now. We will not release this in the upcoming release, as those features are essentially locked in now, but we will get it in the following release.

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