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Sync of settings doesn't seem correct

I have made changes to my Dash setup both on the Dash and on the web app.  I have used the sync feature in both the iOS app and Stages Sync to sync the settings.  I have noticed a couple of odd things:

1) The web app says that I last sync'd about a week ago even though I synced a couple of minutes ago.

2) The web app says that I have no sensors associated with the profile even though the Dash shows my sensors and works correctly.  Something is wrong.

  • David Walker (External)
  • Jun 19 2019
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  • Saulius Speičys commented
    17 Mar, 2020 10:12pm

    M50 FW 2.2.0, ST LINK 2.5.1 on Android:

    Managed to sync one ANT HR sensor to WEB (just after dash factory reset). On web I'm allowed to assign that sensor to profiles, during Android sync, sensor immediately deattaches from profile.

    ANT HR sensor is in device "saved sensors" list, and in DashM50 itself it is possible to assing it to profile. It stays attached to profile during syncing, until no manipulations ADD, ADD/REMOVE to profile is done on web.

    On device there are two different ANT HR sensors, second sensor is not appearing on the web.

  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    27 Jun, 2019 12:12am

    Ah, the issue here is the web app does not sync settings yet, and will in the coming weeks. I am sorry about this.