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Profile Settings data fields do not save after updating.

While setting up an Indoor profile, I tried numerous times to select "Indoor" as the activity type and select "Yes" for Smart (I assume "smart" is referring to whether you have a smart trainer or not).

Anyway, after synching it from the phone appears to stick, but when changes are made to other things on the Stages Link Web App...then synched again..."indoor" and "smart" both revert back to default settings.

  • K B
  • Jan 5 2021
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  • Admin
    Kyle Oswald commented
    27 Jan 06:30pm

    Has everything been squared away for you here KB?

  • K B commented
    19 Jan 06:34pm

    Yeah, I didn't know what smart meant until the software update thanks

  • David Walker (External) commented
    11 Jan 02:11pm

    “Smart” does NOT refer to a smart trainer. It refers the the profile itself being smart where it automatically adds data pages depending on what devices are connected.