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(Speed Wheel-Graph).....with adjustable zones like a speedometer (same concept as power wheel except speed). There is not a particular need per -se, but I was playing around with custom pages and thought a speed widget would be pretty good from an aesthetic perspective.

  • K B
  • Dec 18 2020
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  • K B commented
    22 Dec, 2020 05:00pm

    To maybe expand on this a little bit. After reading some requests for the ability to define data fields within the "power wheel" widget, I think it would be helpful to have a speed widget that allowed the same...Speedometer with instant speed, ability to include data field of "average speed - ride, lap, etc...", and ability to maybe add "distance", "time of day", "total ride time/lap", "battery level" for Dash, and/Di2 when implemented.

    I say all of this to maximize screen real estate, so the user can use other fields to take advantage of the color graphing/widgets that are unique to the the more widgets you can have and the ability to define data fields within it would really free space up and reduce the amount of pages required.