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Viewing Lap data in Stages Dash ride history

It would be useful to be able to view the Lap Data in the Dash Ride History after a ride has been completed. At the moment if you want to time a race and check your times before the data is uploaded to Stages Link you need to record any warm-up and the actual race as separate rides. It is more convenient to record just one ride and use the lap button at the start and finish of the race but it is not possible to see the lap times etc in the ride history.

  • Richard Hutt
  • Sep 29 2020
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  • Richard Hutt commented
    16 Oct, 2020 05:05pm

    Main menu - Ride history so you can review the Lap History data after you've saved a ride

  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    16 Oct, 2020 04:27pm

    Hey Richard,

    Do you mean for review after the ride in Main menu > Ride history? OR do you want to see this info during the ride?

    If during the ride, you can add the lap history chart as a full page data field to your dash, which looks like this:

    (Pardon the missing units, took this on my alpha test device)