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Color Wheel Firmware 2.4 & Lap Time

Allow inside of color wheel data to be configured.

i.e. - I do not want lap time inside the color wheel or lap average. Leads to too much clutter inside the wheel and hard to glance down at 3s, 5s, or 10s power within the wheel.

Additionally, lap time continues to roll when paused. Should pause when menu is pressed.

  • Patrick Brock
  • Jul 13 2020
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  • Guest commented
    15 Oct 10:49am

    for me the same. if I pause workout by push the "select" button the workout doesnt stop.

    I have to use start/stop button. But haptic of this button is really poor. So it would be nice if I could stop /pause workiut with the "select" button

  • Patrick Brock commented
    15 Jul 11:20pm

    Thanks Kyle!

  • Admin
    Kyle Oswald commented
    15 Jul 02:40am

    Hi Patrick! I will look into the Lap issue continuing to roll when you are paused. I will also pass along the ability to allow the inside of the color wheel data to be configured to the team.

  • David Walker (External) commented
    14 Jul 03:55pm

    I think that the main desire in configurability. That way if you want the additional data you can turn it on. Other wise you can turn it off. I can't read the numbers because they are too small so I'd prefer not to have them there and make the main number bigger.

  • Richard Hutt commented
    14 Jul 07:33am

    I have to disagree I want to keep the new configuration, for me it is the ideal combination, the three values I use most when training are now easy to see at a quick glance.

  • David Walker (External) commented
    13 Jul 08:44pm

    Join the club in desiring this change back to the way it used to be.

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