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Sensors disappearing from activity profile?

Changed to my I changed to my "Race" profile and did a ride. Next ride I changed back to my normal profile and the sensors were all gone.

This has happened before, but haven't worked out what's causing it yet.

  • Fran McGowan
  • Jun 13 2020
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  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    26 Jun, 2020 02:37am

    We are investigating the cause, we see this issue too.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    23 Jun, 2020 07:51pm

    2.3.1 firmware, and it happened on the previous version too.

    It's only happened a few times but as I rename all my sensors, it's a little annoying :)

    All sensors disappear and you have to add them back as new sensors.

    Changing profiles is the only thing i can think of that could be related.

  • Admin
    Kyle Oswald commented
    23 Jun, 2020 07:36pm

    Hi Fran, what Dash Firmware version are you on?