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2.2.2 Garmin speedsensor on off issue / sensor pause

  • Daniel Sütel
  • Mar 19 2020
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  • Daniel Sütel commented
    24 Mar 18:45

    After 222 my speedsensor doesnt give me any distance or velocity values to dash screen.

    Tried to remove sensors and add them back no change.

  • Daniel Sütel commented
    24 Mar 18:54

    I like to add that it seems the cadence value of my powermeter is used as movement indicator. is this intentional ?

  • John Frank commented
    25 Mar 23:30

    I am seeing this as well. I hope we get a 2.2.1 patch for this. It is a pain for indoor riding,

  • Richard Jodoin commented
    04 Apr 21:27

    Unless I'm mistaken, 2.2.2 is not yet out.

    I have the same issue with 2.2.0 beta 7.

    To see speed, need to disable my sensor and use GPS data.

  • John Frank commented
    06 Apr 05:44


    2.2.2 has been released. The Garmin speed sensor no longer works in the released version. If you get a fix in beta please post it here. I would really like to know that this is being worked on. It really sucks for indoor rides.


  • Richard Jodoin commented
    06 Apr 23:15

    John, I don't know how you got 2.2.2 but I just updated to 2.2.1 from 2.2.0 beta 7 today.

    Still, the issue remains and I wonder if the fix is planned soon. That would be a major issue in my opinion.

  • John Frank commented
    07 Apr 01:04


    My bad I meant to say 2.2.0. My original comment was correct. I was hoping it would be fixed in 2.2.1. Then I said 2.2.2 which is wrong.

    Since you are running beta SW, do you know if they are trying to fix this?


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