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Adding FIT files to Dash L10 via USB into "load" directory doesn't work (FW 1.2.1)

Workouts generated by Today's Plan (via or exported as .FIT files, which are then added to the L10 manually via USB, don't register correctly after ejecting the device. Is the Dash supposed to exit USB mode on its own after being ejected? It currently does not.

The files that are uploaded manually via USB can be seen by going to Courses & Workouts > Other Workouts, but all that shows up is an arrow pointing to a blank name. The blank filename can be selected, but there is no workout data attached.

Workouts synced via the Today's Plan Shifter app loaded correctly, so I assume the Sync desktop app would load them correctly as well.

What's the difference in syncing process, and why doesn't the L10 process the .FIT files correctly when manually uploaded?

Is there a workaround that isn't using the desktop apps? The workout generator is a Premium feature and there doesn't appear to be a way to import a workout file to to Stages Link for syncing via the phone app to the dash.

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  • May 1 2021
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