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Will A Threat Model Be Bad For One Company But Perfect For Another?

Start by building a design graph of the framework. You can't shield what you can't see. A danger model should catch the same number of insights concerning the framework as it can in the graph. It ought to likewise catch what controls are now actualized and the qualities of those controls.

I am likewise a major aficionado of various leveled danger displaying. We should take a gander at, for instance, how a lot of organizations have microservices engineering. In a perfect world, we would fabricate danger models for them separately and afterward connect them to the application danger model that is calling those microservices. This makes the overwhelming errand of danger demonstrating a huge application simpler and particular. This additionally permits various groups to construct and keep up their own danger models, which can be connected to other people.

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  • oliva john
  • Jan 5 2021
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