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Different IP gadgets for each comfort is exceptionally valuable

Would you be able to portray a far off working venture you did with BOB for Clique where you've utilized Type R and what champion points of interest the support gave you?

Calrec's Type R is a particular blender with ST2110 similarity. The entirety of the faders or screen are associated through IP profoundly and stage boxes are associated with the center with an ST2110 feed.

This blender fits consummately with this utilization case since it's made for IP. The 2110 association between the center and IO boxes isn't required for what we do, yet being able to organize different IP gadgets for each comfort is exceptionally valuable. All the consoles are overseen through a web Interface, and on account of an organization issue at the Sound Engineer's home, we can take control from the control room utilizing the web GUI or a physical fader board.

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  • oliva john
  • Dec 23 2020
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