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Data sources creates analytical stability and an immediate nimbleness

A significant layer to Utilimarc's BI stage - and its prosperity - is our kin. Our group of information researchers and armada experts work intimately with our clients building exceptionally booked reports and dashboards explicit to their necessities. The consequences of binding together information sources engage our clients to have a genuine comprehension of the everyday execution and usage of their armada resources.

"Our layer of technology on top of existing data sources creates analytical stability and an immediate nimbleness, for real-time feedback and decision making. Fleets need the constant updates and enhancement to their analytics database that will pivot with them rather than hold them back. Our BI platform syncs with their data sources on a minute-by-minute basis; providing real-time information that provides a picture of how their fleet is actually performing, rather than guessing," said Chris Shaffer, Utilimarc CEO. "The way we do business has changed. The technology we deliver allows non-data scientists, from garage manager to executive-level management, to have access to eloquent data sets that they otherwise might not have had."

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  • oliva john
  • Dec 17 2020
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