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Sensors don't stick to activity profile

The sensors keep disappearing from my activities.

An update or restart of the device, and they're gone and I have to re-add them from the saved sensors list.


Deleted the sensor-pool file, re-installed the firmware (weirdly, it's 1.2.0-alphaXXXX), synced by app and desktop.

  • Fran McGowan
  • Aug 12 2019
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  • Guest commented
    5 Dec 08:03pm

    I don't understand either. Stages dash L10 user on 2 different bikes, with different power meters and speed sensors. My sensors are saved, and before each ride, I just go to "activity sensors", grab the ones I want from the "saved" list, then do a zero reset. Takes under a minute.

  • Brooks Moatz commented
    22 Jul 04:31pm

    Was this issue ever resolved? I am having the same problem on an L10 that was just purchased.

  • Guest commented
    19 Mar, 2020 12:35pm

    has same issue, if i dont touch profiles in link - sensors works fine.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    18 Oct, 2019 04:30am


    Unpaired the L10 from the Android app.

    Created a new Stages Link web profile.

    Factory reset the L10.

    Setup the L10 from scratch.

    Added the Garmin 935 HR as a sensor (the saved sensors survived a factory reset?).

    HR icon appeared on the main screen of the L10.

    Logged in to the Android app with the new profile.

    Paired the L10.

    Renamed a profile from within the Android app.

    Synced via bluetooth.

    Lost the HRM sensor.

    Still there in saved sensors, just not attached to any profiles.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    17 Oct, 2019 07:41pm

    To stop it stuffing up the next time it syncs, you have to change the name of the profile on the device itself so it's timestamp over-rides the web one and then when it syncs, all is good.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    17 Oct, 2019 07:28pm

    L10 connected to Android (Samsung XCover4).

    Ant+ HR connected to L10.


    Backed up the config folder.


    Opened Stages Link in Chrome.

    Changed a data field from distance to distance (span-lap).

    Synced via phone.

    HRM was found as soon as finished.


    On web, renamed a profile from "Course" to "Training".

    Synced via phone.

    No HRM.

    Open main menu on L10 and go to ride sensors.

    None there at all.

    Add sensors - full list of saved sensors is there.


    Connected L10 to PC.

    Copied back act_index ( the only file that had a date/time change in the configs folder).

    Unplugged from PC.

    Instantly picked up HRM.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    17 Oct, 2019 05:27am

    Syncing via the Android app or the desktop app both play up.

    Copy a profile on the webpage and syncing via android or desktop app will cause the issue.

    No sensors on any profile on the device. Add sensors on the device and it works until restarted or synced again.

    Go to the bottom of the page and select specific sensors for each profile and same issue on next sync.


    Is there a before and after log file I can grab from somewhere?

    Would a good and bad act_index.bin file help?

  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    17 Oct, 2019 02:14am

    Hey Fran and B$, I am trying to reproduce this issue but cannot. I took a new dash out of the box and tried to do all kinds of terrible things to it, but the sensors are sticking to the profiles as expected.

    Could you help me out a little? Are you paired to the App? Are you using Sync desktop app? If so, what versions are you using? If no app or sync, do you have a lot of sensors paired to the dash? If so, what types?

    I have been trying to fix this issue for a while, because it is certainly happening to people, just not to me :(

  • B S commented
    4 Sep, 2019 03:18pm

    I have the same issue.