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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the medical specialty that has the highest number of consultations in medical practice, but it is difficult to define. Most people who see an internal medicine specialist for the first time are not clear about a precise definition of the specialty and its role. I will try in the following paragraphs to explain what internal medicine is and the role of an internist.

Internal medicine is one of the specialties of medicine and is dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases; It should be noted that the treatments it offers are not surgical. This discipline studies the patient in an integral way and sees the human being in a holistic way. That is, it sees all the systems and the functioning of each organ with the aim of preserving the health of patients.

I hope this article has solved many of your doubts about the wide and charming universe of internal medicine. The most important thing is always to consult on time and follow the recommendations of your specialist. And remember, when it comes to welfare, Collaborative Research Group thinks of you.

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  • Nov 30 2021
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