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Please make choices present on the Phone App available in the Web App. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how to disable auto upload to linked apps. This feature was not available on Stages Link Web....but was found in the Phone App (disableing auto upload didn't work by the way - so needs to be fixed). Anyway, having features that are not uniform across platforms results in unessarary confusion. Understand the Phone app cannot have everything....but the Web App should have everything.

  • K B
  • Jan 6 2021
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  • K B commented
    14 Jan, 2021 06:19pm

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I guess that would be a feature request then? I think it's more convenient to have a toggle for 3rd party apps instead of disabling and reauthorizing accounts.

    It might seem odd, but I was using my Dash connected to my trainer while riding on zwift. As you know zwift auto uploads and I wanted to turn it off on the Dash....First because I didn't want it to be uploaded twice and have to go in to delete one....and second...the Dash (when connected to the trainer) uploads erroneous mileage (I rode 30 miles in Zwift and my Dash uploaded 150 miles).....all other data was correct.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan, 2021 06:30pm

    Hi there,

    The auto upload setting in the app refers to uploading items from your Dash to Link automatically. It is not related to 3rd party services.

    If you do not want to upload to 3rd party services, you need to disable the connection to these accounts on the website under My Account > Connections > Disconnect button next to the service. Otherwise, all files you upload to Link, whether from your Dash or other device, will go to those "outgoing" services as this was enabled by you in the account.