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Course Synchronization or Route Planning

Hey guys,

Big supporter and advocate for your products from my power meters and M50/L50 that I personally own. I had a premium Stages Link trial from my second power meter purchase. I did not use Stages Link until I recently purchased both M50 and L50. Everything worked great. All my routes created in RWGPS synchronized perfectly. I was also able to play around with the Link route creator. My premium trial has since expired and I was shocked to realize I could no longer synchronize any new RWGPS routes that I created. Understandably the Stages Link route creator was no longer after the trial expired.....but seriously, the basic function of being able to synchronize a course created with RWGPS should not be a premium feature. The only way I can get any new courses/routes on my M50/L50 is to manually download the file from RWGPS and manually copy the file to my computer using USB. Please...please enable the synch of courses/routes from RWGPS without having to pay for that basic capability.

Thank you for your considerations and time guys,


  • K B
  • May 20 2021
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