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Qualities of Bad Leadership That Must Be Marked and Changed Quickly

Being a leader, we all get nervous once a day, our heartbeats fast and our palms get sweaty. We don’t even know when anyone will walk into our cabin and make us count our qualities of bad leadership.

Who are you? A horrible boss or a nagging project manager? If you don’t know what role you’re playing in your organization and always fear your respect, you must work on your leadership traits. A leader never wants to be disrespectful, distrustful, and to be known for Bad leadership qualities. If you don’t know who you’re and want to bring some changes in your leadership, we curated a short post telling qualities of bad leadership.

We are sure, after going through these characteristics of a bad leader, you will be able to make required changes in yourself and meet a better personality hiding inside you. Before we head to traits of a bad leader, first know ‘what is bad leadership’.

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  • Nov 14 2021
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